I welcome you on board as you make the decision and commitment to partner with the Recovery Mandate,
it is God's commandment and heart beat that the whole world be filled with his knowledge even as the waters covers the sea, Isaiah 11:9.

Lots of people are lost, in hurts and are being destroyed everyday by the enemy without knowing where to go for help, and it is our responsibility as children of light to bring the recovery knowledge to all.

This great and noble task required that we be present in every home of all every country of the world and while this may seems impossible by being physically present, the television broadcast network has afforded us the privilege to accomplish this commission with much ease.

I therefore solicit for your continuous financial commitment to partner with the Recovery Channel Vision, let us together bring the knowledge of Christ to the lost and perishing, let us together bring healing to life's pain.

Thank you for your gift of access.

God Bless You!

Yours in Grace,
Dr. Antoni Okoh; Snr. Pastor, Sovereign Word Church

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